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We're located adjacent to the Holiday Inn on New Jersey 35 in Hazlet, NJ. Guests of the hotel and visitors alike love visiting Vibe Tap & Grill for meals and happy hours. From breakfast with the family to an intimate date over drinks, we've got the food and vibe for any event. Call 732-344-5145 today to make a reservation at Vibe Tap & Grill in Hazlet, New Jersey.

Welcome to Your New Favorite Restaurant in Hazlet, NJ

Throw an event or grab a bite to eat at our bar and grill

There are two things in the world that should absolutely never be boring: food and parties. At Vibe Tap & Grill in Hazlet, New Jersey, we'll make sure they never are. The chefs at our American bistro serve up delicious and creative meals and drinks every day of the week, and you can rent our event space to throw amazing parties whenever you want.

We're located adjacent to the Holiday Inn on New Jersey 35 in Hazlet. Visit our bar and grill ASAP for a great meal or drink in a comfortable setting.

5 reasons to drop by our hotel bar and grill

Craving some delicious home cooking? Here are five excuses to make your way to Vibe Tap & Grill today:
1. Grab breakfast after a stay at the Holiday Inn in Hazlet, New Jersey.
2. Get your friends together for a tasty Sunday brunch at Vibe Tap & Grill.
3. Grab a quick bite to eat and a cocktail after work.
4. Make a reservation for a date night at Vibe Tap & Grill.
5. Throw a huge party in our Reflections Ballroom event space.

Our chefs and event planners work hard to make your dining experience perfect. Reach out to Vibe Tap & Grill in Hazlet, New Jersey right now to get started planning an event, date night or family gathering.

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    2870 New Jersey 35
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